External Vulnerability Scanning

For a lot of companies, hardening their security will mean assessing their perimeter defense. GlobeTech LLC can audit the attack surface of an organization’s externally facing assets to review the risks and vulnerabilities that an attacker would take advantage of.

The External Attack Surface

The Companies internet facing footprint is assessed by reviewing any available public information and correlating it back to your systems. For example, benign information like public DNS records might shed light into the operations that are exposed and available to an attacker. This type of Discovery and Reconnaissance begin the engagement.

Discovered assets will be scanned for vulnerabilities and assessed for risk or impact. The Vulnerability assessment becomes one of the report deliverables at the end of an external engagement.

Each potential attack vector is reviewed and pen tested to attempt to gain access to the systems. By combining various sources of public information along with vulnerability assessments, exploitation of external systems can be more fully assessed.

External Vulnerability Assessment Reporting

The reporting is the most important part of the assessment. This is what provides value to your business. Each independently reported vulnerable system or scenario is highlighted with a severity score, general attack narrative or description, Proof of Concept code or commands, and mitigation recommendations.

The External Assessment comes with Vulnerability Scan Reports as well as supporting discovery data and manual Penetration Testing of exposed assets. While GlobeTech LLC will make recommendations, the business ultimately decides what the right option is for them, so together we’ll spend time determining the actions that are right for you.


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