Web Application Penetration Testing

GlobeTech LLC can perform Web Application Penetration Testing as well as Mobile Application Penetration Testing. Help find flaws and security issues in your custom applications by testing proactively.

Relevant certifications

Dynamic analysis

  • Use an interception proxy tool to intercept HTTP or HTTPS requests sent by the web application, allowing Globetec to modify parameters, headers, or other data before they reach the server
  • Inject malicious or unexpected data into input fields to assess the web application’s input validation mechanisms
  • Spot security misconfigurations such as sensitive information leakage, directory listing, or server configuration issues

Source Code Review

  • Analyze the source code to uncover potential security weaknesses, such as input validation flaws, insecure data storage, or inadequate access controls
  • Evaluate how the application handles user input, checking for proper validation and sanitization
  • Assess the application’s business logic to identify potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses

Reporting and Vulnerabilities Discussion

Up to 30% of a penetration test project is reserved for the reporting and presentation of any issues that are found. The reporting and follow up discussion are the most important part of the assessment. This is what provides value to your business. Each reported vulnerable system or scenario is highlighted with a severity score, general attack narrative or description, Proof of Concept code or commands, and mitigation recommendations.

This report becomes the focal point for a discussion after the engagement is completed. Each item is discussed and reviewed until the exploitation process is understood and mitigation options have been discussed. GlobeTech LLC will make recommendations, the business ultimately decides what the right option is for them, so together we’ll spend time determining the actions that are right for you.


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